Opensource website analyser
#a11y #seo

Asqatasun is the leading opensource software for web accessibility (#a11y) since 2007. Built with reliability in mind, Asqatasun provides a huge level of automation and can be included in Continuous Integration thanks to its API/.

  1. First, read the doc, which explains everything.
  2. If you have any question or want to discuss with people, come to the Asqatasun forum.
  3. Download Asqatasun or use Asqatasun with Docker or play with a Vagrant boxes for Asqatasun

History of Asqatasun

Asqatasun was created in 2007 by Matthieu Faure, web accessibility expert. Called EvalAccess to begin with, it took the name of Tanaguru when Matthieu created a start-up to provide commercial support. The company hired Jérôme Kowalczyk as Lead Developer to extend the software and gained various famous clients such as City of Paris or French electricity provider EDF.

But the start-up did not succeed in building a sustainable business and collapsed in 2014, losing the brand "Tanaguru". Asqatasun is the fork of Tanaguru by its creators Matthieu and Jérôme, willing to provide a fully open and documented software.

Asqatasun comes from a basque word and means liberty.